Mutants Fundraiser

Client: Oasis des enfants de Rosemont

Year: 2017

Discipline: Event planning, fundraiser, graphic art, marketing, branding, photo retouching

In September 2017, in collaboration with Miro Laflaga, I decided to organize a fundraiser event for Oasis des Enfants de Rosemont, a youth centre for disadvantaged children. The funds raised were used to help create several after school programs and activities. One of those programs was a 4 week atelier where we taught the children how to be their own creative directors. Through this experience, they had the chance to conceptualize their own personal photoshoots in teams and I edited their photos to bring their ideas to life. Lets take a look at the process.


The event poster


The Mutants Back in Action Fundraiser event


The donation


The atelier project








Photographer: Akumanistic

Photo edits: Ashgrxphics