Close the GAP

Client: Personal

Year: 2017

Discipline: Art direction, graphic design

This project is Miro LaFlaga and I’s twist on a photo and video advertisement for the GAP. The storyline of Close the Gap is a flirty one, in which two models interact with one another from their own individual frames.

The white space between them represents the Gap keeping them from each other, but is also symbolic. It represents the gap in the creative industry created by the lack of representation not only on screen, but behind the scenes as well. This project is an example of what happens when creative people of colour are making the executive decisions in creative works. Isn’t it great?











Creative Direction: Ashgrxphics & Miro LaFlaga

Stylist: Miro LaFlaga

Photographer: Sacha Cohen

Models: Miro LaFlaga & Ashgrxphics

Makeup Artist: Christine White

Clothing: GAP